This is a one-minute verse
1-2-3-4- ...GO!!!!

God made the slimy horny toad
That it might eat and drink
But it got splattered on the road
And soon began to stink
'Twas leap year so the kangaroo
Came bounding by the mess
He did not know what to do
This he soon confessed
A jackass in a nearby tree
Thought it all a joke
Flew right down to make it three
With a swift and feathered stroke
"Hey what are you lot doing there?"
A man said as he neared
"Gord luv a duck that horny toad
Has 'ad is chips." he sneered.
"I would not 'av seen 'im lying there
If this mob hadn't gathered here
Better drive with extra care
Lest another toad be near"

©Copyright August 15, 2001 by Colin F. Jones

NB: Jackass is the term for Kookaburra, known in Australia as the Laughing Jackass

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