(A True Story)

A friend of mine (Charley Scrimshaw) plays Santa every year around the district delivering presents for the kids. He was getting dressed into his Santa outfit in the toilet block on a local sports field when he was approached a young man about 18 years old. Charlie was naked except for his underpants, and was a bit wary of the young mans approach.

"Hello, what do you want" he asked.

The young man smiled and answered, "Hello Mr. Santa, how are you today"

"Well, I'm ok;" said Charlie "how are you?"

"Oh I am good" said the young man "You must be very tired having traveled so far to bring us presents. Just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas"

"Well, thank you!!" said Santa "and a merry Christmas to you too"

The young man walked away. He was in fact one of the local "mentally handicapped", people.

Charlie, who was sweating from his days work dressed up as Santa, was caressed at that moment with a wonderful feeling... and had no doubts as to why for the last 11 years he had worked the district as Santa.

©Copyright December 16, 2003 by Colin F. Jones

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