Colin F. Jones: The Hills of Coffs Harbour
View of Coffs Harbour from the Skywalk at the Big Banana


~ 1 ~

They walk up the mountains
With flowers in their arms;
Clad in green raiment
With leaves broader than palms

~ 2 ~

The flowers are purple
And their tips are all red,
Where lie unborn babies
Safe in their bed.

~ 3 ~

Green little toddlers
When they are first born,
They grow yellow and golden,
More golden than corn.

~ 4 ~

Behind them the mountains,
Keep them safe from the wind,
From the frost and the lightning
That the winter doth bring.

~ 5 ~

Their feet are all battered,
By the rocks as they climb
And some that are shattered
Need a prop to survive.

~ 6 ~

They overlook the ocean,
Bright masses of green,
Where the fishing boats gilded
By the sun can be seen.

~ 7 ~

From the solitude island,
Where the lighthouse still stands,
You can see the green mountains
Guarding the sands.

~ 8 ~

Below the plantations,
The golden beaches surround
The Harbour foundations
Where the surf waves do pound.

~ 9 ~

Where the Womboyneralah people
Still wander today
Among the sand dunes of history,
Where the children now play.

~ 10 ~

The city is growing,
Still unspoiled by time,
With the sea breezes blowing
Like invisible rhyme

~ 11 ~

What more could one ask for
Than this serenity and peace,
This ocean and harbour,
This paradise we lease.

~ 12 ~

It is heaven on Earth,
This place where we live,
This place of great worth
That only freedom can give

~ 13 ~

As I stand on my mountain
And gaze out over the sea,
I am aware of the love
That is living in me.

~ 14 ~

And I truly am thankful
That I live in this place,
Where the stools climb the mountains
With perpetual grace.

©Copyright October 19, 2005 by Colin F. Jones

Colin F. Jones: The Hills of Coffs Harbour (IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Writing - Awarded October 23, 2005)
Awarded October 23, 2005

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