Paul S. Gifford


Paul, originally from Birmingham, England, now resides in Lake Forest, California with his wife, son, two dogs, a rabbit, and a dream.


What if you could have yesterday back
As a clean, unblemished slate?
What might you do,
that was different?
What regrets do you secretly harbor?
What fragments of guilt did you manifest inside your heart?
Perhaps you spoke in anger,
cut an innocent stranger off on the road
or simply ignored someone who cared.
Would you have taken the time to listen,
to laugh,
to learn,
to love...
and to appreciate the wonder of each and every moment?
So once more I propose...
What if you could have yesterday back?
Sadly yesterday is gone... For always
full of magical opportunities lost...
Yet a series of tomorrows lie ahead,
waiting, flawless and full of infinite promise.

©Copyright December 11, 2005 by Paul S. Gifford

This poem was inspired by
"Who Are We?"
Copyright December 11, 2005 by Colin F. Jones

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